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4-H Projects and Contests

There are many avenues for youth to participate in horticulture through a local 4-H program. Shelley Mitchell is the 4-H contact for horticulture at the state level. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact her directly, 405-744-5755.

4-H Horticulture Projects

4-H Landscape Design Drawing Project

Develop a landscape design/drawing for the provided residence. Base Maps should be printed on 11" x 17". Once printed verify scale is 1 inch = 10 ft. Design drawings are to be made directly on the provided base maps. Use provided examples of landscape symbols to draw and/or trace on to the base map. Use the provided color rendered landscape drawings for example of effective designs and color techniques.

Please watch the video series for guidance on how to complete the 4-H Landscape Design Drawing Challenge. Feel free to work along to the video as you learn how to draw and design landscapes. If you need more time to complete your project, you can stop the video and replay it.

Ribbons will be placed on top ten - 5 in each class.

Competition Guidelines

  • Use white 11" x 17" paper to horizontal exhibit landscape drawings.
  • Create a column on right side of sheet for title block, 2 inches wide from top of drawing to bottom. List the following in INK: Scale, symbols of plants, numbers representing trees, shrubs and plants, and how many of each plant were used in the landscape. Example: 1-Rose (6), 2 - Oak trees (4); 3 - Petunia (3 dozen or 36). List name, date and club on the back for competition.
  • Drawing is top view (plan view).
  • Use the scale provided: 1 in. = 10 ft.
  • Hand drawings will be accepted.
  • Draw plant symbols at mature plant size.
  • Use the plant symbols and the materials symbols provided.
  • Drawings must be full color.
  • Walkways should be 3 foot OR 5 foot wide.
  • Patio(s) are required on the back of the house.
  • In the drawings use a line to indicate the planting beds. All small trees, shrubs and perennials should be inside a planting bed. Large trees could be found in the lawn or inside planting beds.

LA Symbols

Design Examples

Use either the 11" x 17" or 8" x 11" (2 pages)

Pecan Exhibit Fair Entry

Eligibility: Any 4-H member interested in learning more about pecans and the pecan industry may prepare an exhibit.

  • The exhibit shall consist of an educational exhibit that will fit a 3' wide x 3' deep area. It must be free-standing with sides attached. A notebook should be included in the display. Each county may have one exhibit in each class.
  • The exhibit should provide information about the pecan industry such as history, importance to state, health benefits and nutrition, uses production, processing, storage requirements or other topics pertaining to the pecan.
  • The exhibit should increase the public awareness of the importance and impact of the specific sector of the pecan industry. The notebook should include any involvement the exhibitor has had with teaching others, giving talks or demonstrations, preparing pecan foods, planning programs, producing pecans, field trips, etc. The notebook may be typed or handwritten and should include pictures.
  • Awards furnished by the Oklahoma Pecan Growers Association. 1st place entries should be available to display at annual OPGA meeting in June the following summer.
  • Criteria for judging: 30 points completeness of educational lesson; 30 points public appeal; 40 points notebook. Ribbons will be placed on the top ten (10) in each class.

Jr Division (ages 9-13) $40  $30  $20  $10  $10
Sr. Division (ages 14 and over)  $40  $30  $20  $10  $10

Resources: From a Nut to a Tree - Grow Your Own Pecan Seedlings

Oklahoma State Fair 4-H Horticulture Judging Contest

The contest is held at the Oklahoma County Extension Office (NOT on the Oklahoma City Fairgrounds), 2500 NE 63rd Street, Oklahoma City at 11 AM. Registration for the contest will be held 30 minutes prior to the start of the contest.   See OKC State Fair Handbook for more information.

Additional Resources