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Market Gardening School

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Landscape Architecture Program hosts NWAFU Students


In July of 2017,  the OSU Landscape Architecture Program hosted 12 landscape architecture students from Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University (NWAFU), located in Yangling, China. Professors Michael Holmes and Cheryl Mihalko lead the 3-week academic program for the visiting students The majority of the visiting students were freshman, so this program served as their first design studio experience. A partnership between the two university programs has developed over the past few years. In the summer of 2016, OSU held a similar academic program for NWAFU students.  In June of 2017, OSU faculty traveled to china to visit NWAFU. Prof. Qing Luo lead a forum to share teaching experiences with LA faculty and the Deans. She also led a workshop for their students on the topic of Low Impact Development. Professor Holmes taught a 3 week special course entitled “The Language of Place.”

Food Safety

Dr. Lynn Brandenberger has established Oklahoma training programs on the Food Safety Modernization Act. His slideshow can be viewed here.

Produce growers May 16 is the Produce Safety Alliance Grower Trianing course. For more information . . .

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