Turf Management Scheduling Guide

  • The following is a list of required and suggested courses for the Turfgrass Management degree option and a suggested sequence for when the classes should be taken. Students should make sure their humanities includes a D or I designation otherwise another course will need to be taken to cover this requirement.  Click here for a printable version.

Freshman Year



Ag. Orientation
General Chemistry
Freshman Composition I
College Algebra
Principles of Hort Science

(AG 1011)
(CHEM 1215)
(ENGL 1113)
(MATH 1513)
(HORT 1013)

General Chemistry II
Freshman Composition II
Introductory Biology
Applied Geometry & Trig

(CHEM 1225)
(ENGL 1213)
(BIOL 1114)
(MATH 1583)

Sophomore Year



Plant Biology           
American Government
Fund of Soil Science
Intro to Entomology
Survey of American History

(BOT 1404)
(POLS 1113)
(SOIL 2124)
(ENTO 2993)
(HIST 1103)

Intro to Ag Economics
Oral Communiations Ag
Engines and Power
Controlled Elective (business)
Humanities w/Diversity

(AGEC 1113)
(AGCM 3203)
(MCAG 3211)
(3 hrs)
(3 DH hrs)

Junior Year



Woody Plant Material
Turf Management
Principals of Weed Sci
Plant Pathology
Humanities w/Intl Dimension

(HORT 2613)
(HORT 3153)
(PLNT 4013)
(PLP 3343)
(3 hrs)

CHEM 3013 or Organic Chem
Integrated Pest Mgmt
Ctrl Elec -  (Upper div Agri)
Ctrl Elec - Upper div business
General Education or Elective

(3 hrs.)
(PLP 3663)
(3 hrs)
(3 hrs)
(3 hrs)

Senior Year



Horticulture Intern (3 hrs)
Business Communication
Soil Nutrient Management
Ctrl Elec - Upper div business
General Ed or Elective

(HORT 2010)
(BCOM 3113)
(SOIL 4234)
(3 hrs)
(3 hrs)

Applied Landscape Planning
Landscape Irrigation
Turf Physiology & Ecology
Spanish or Bilingual Hort
Ctrl Elec - Upper Division Ag

(HORT 4773)
(HORT 3513)
(HORT 4453)
(SPAN 3 hrs)
(3 hrs)

  • This plan is an example of how a student may successfully complete degree requirements in four years. Students are responsible for completing requirements in the official degree sheet for each major. it is mandatory for a student to meet with an academic advisor prior to course enrollment each semester. Not all courses will be offered each year. 
  • ⱡ If HORT 4453 is taken MUST also take HORT 3513.                                                        

     updated 10/15/17

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