David Hillock

MS:   Horticulture/Landscape Maintenance & Nursery Production, Colorado
         State University, Fort Collins, CO '96
BS:    Landscape Horticulture, Stephen F. Austin State University, Nacogdoches,
         TX '92

Extension Activities

100% extension appointment in Consumer Horticulture. David provides innovative leadership and educational programming in consumer horticulture. He develops resources to assist county staff in their local programming efforts including extension publications, power point presentations, videos and workshops on topics pertinent to the consumer horticulture environment. He is the coordinator for the state Extension Master Gardener Volunteer training program  and assists the County Extension Educators in developing and maintaining Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Programs and other educational needs of consumer horticulture. David serves as a liaison to amateur plant societies, assists the host of Oklahoma Gardening, is a board member of the Horticulture Industry Show and coordinator of the Master Gardener/Public Horticulture session, and organizes and conducts the Nursery and Landscape activities for the annual FFA Career Development Event.



Sidwell, C., J.Q. Moss, D.L. Martin, K. Kelsey, M. Schnelle and D. Hillock. 2011. Oklahoma Master Gardener Perceptions of Water Conservation Strategies. Abs. 2011 Ann. Int. Meet. ASA-CSSA-SSSA.

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"Preemergent weed control in container-grown herbaceous perennials," with James E. Klett and David Staats; HortScience, Vol. 29(5): 555 (849).

Awards & Recognition

2015 President's Cup for Creative Interdisciplinarity, 2nd Place. For Camp TURF (Tomorrow's Undergraduates Realizing the Future).

Award for Excellence, Oklahoma Recreation and Parks Society, "Xeriscape Demonstration Garden, Edmond, OK", David Hillock and Michael Holmes, 2009.

ASHS Extension Materials Award: Fact Sheet – HLA-6439 Selecting Shrubs for the Landscape. Received with coauthors Kim Rebek and Mike Schnelle. July 24, 2009. 

ASHS Southern Region Extension Communication Award (Blue Ribbon) – for E-972 Landscaping with Trees, Shrubs and Vines in Oklahoma CD. Award received along with Mike Schnelle, Gayle Hiner, Jennifer Adsit, Patricia Gedon, and Katie Reim. February 6, 2006.

Outstanding Professional Staff Award – for dedication and support of students.  Presented by Agricultural Ambassadors, CASNR. April 4, 2003.

Committee Work

  •  OSU Campus Tree Leadership Board Member, Spring 2018 - present
  • Student Organization Advisor, Latter Day Saint Student Association (LDSSA), Fall 2014 - present
  • Horticulture Industries Show Board Member; President-elect 2016, President 2017, 1997 - present
  • Oklahoma MG Coordinator Advisory Committee (State Conference Planning Committees), Spring 1997 - present
  • Oklahoma Proven Executive Committee/Marketing Coordinator, Spring 2008 - present
  • Consumer Horticulture and Urban Forestry TIP Team – Team Leader, 2005 - present
  • Ag Faculty Council (elected in October 2012 - 2 year term), 2012 - 2014 

Conference Presentations

Hillock, D. 2010. July 14. Tours of TBG, National Association of County Agricultural Agents National Meeting.
Hillock, D. 2007, May 2-5. Dear, the PIGweeds are in the garden again! – A Look at the Amaranthaceae Family, International Master Gardener Conference – Little Rock, AR

Hillock, D. 2006, June 9. Xeriscape Landscaping. Southern Region master Gardener Conference, Chattanooga, TN.
Hillock, D. and B. Simons. 1998, July 12-14. Oklahoma Gardening-Extension Horticulture Education Through Television. American Society of Horticultural Sciences – Charlotte, NC
Hillock, D. 1995, July 30-Aug. 2. Evaluation of four herbaceous perennials under increasing levels of drought stress. American Society of Horticultural Sciences – Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Hillock, D. 2014. May 3. Managing Plant Stress and Injury in our Landscapes. South Atlantic Region, breakfast meeting, National Garden Clubs, Inc., Norman.
Hillock, David. 2017, Nov. 8-9. Oklahoma Proven Program and Drought Tolerant Plants. Oklahoma Grows (multi-state green industry + professional affiliates conference and trade show)
Hillock, David. 2011, Apr. 1. Xeriscape Landscaping. Construction Specifications Institute South Central Region Conference, Tulsa.

State (selected)
Hillock, D. 2016, Apr. 30, Epsilon Sigma Alpha, International State Convention, Midwest City, Pollinators and Plants.
Hillock, D. 2016, Apr. 29, Oklahoma Garden Clubs, Inc. 87th State Convention, Tulsa, Arbor Day and The Frightened Frog.
Hillock, D. 2016, Feb. 11, Women in Agriculture Conference, Organic Gardening 101, Tonkawa.
Hillock, D. 2015, April 16. Northeast District of Oklahoma Garden Clubs, 2015 Spring Convention – Gardening on a Budget, Sand Springs.
Hillock, D. 2012, June 15. Demonstration of Irrigation Center, Oklahoma State Master Gardener Continuing Education Conference, Stillwater.
Holmes, Michael and D. Hillock. 2010, Oct. 14. Xeriscape Demonstration Garden: Bickham-Rudkin Park, Edmond. Ornamental Plant Materials Multi-State Conference, Stillwater.
Hillock, D. 2010, July 18. Oklahoma Proven Shrubs; Xeriscape Gardening. 75th Annual Meeting, Oklahoma Home and Community Education, OKC.

Popular Press (selected):

  • Hillock, D. 2017. Award-Winning Plants (Oklahoma Proven), Compiled by Meghan Shinn. Horticulture Magazine. Nov./Dec. 2017, pg. 34-45.
  • Hillock, D. 2017. Not everything gets planted in the spring, contributing author. Fall Home and Garden section, Today’s Producer, Agriculture Publication. Farm, Land, and Home Guide, Fall 2017, pg. 12.
  • Hillock, D. 2015. The Chosen Ones: 2015 Oklahoma Proven Plant Selections. Oklahoma Gardener, State-by-State Gardening, Apr. 2015, pg. 52.
  • Hillock, D. 2014. 2014 Oklahoma Proven Plant Selections. Oklahoma Gardener, State-by-State Gardening.
  • Hillock, D. 2011. Regional Picks: Southern Plains - Garden Staples. Fine Gardening, Dec. 2011, No. 142, pg. 69.
  • Hillock, D. 2010. Regional Picks: Southern Plains - Plants for Wet Soils. Fine Gardening, Dec. 2010, No. 136, pg. 31.
  • Hillock, D. 2007. Shrub Profile: Yew. Oklahoma Gardener, State-by-State Gardening. July/August 2007, pg. 49.
  • Hillock, D. 2007. Shrub Profile: Osmanthus. Oklahoma Gardener, State-by-State Gardening. June 2007, pg. 49.
  • Hillock, D. 2007. Shrub Profile: St. Johnswort. Oklahoma Gardener, State-by-State Gardening. April 2007, pg. 49.
  • Hillock, D. 2007. Shrub Profile: Contorted Filbert. Oklahoma Gardener, State-by-State Gardening. March 2007, pg. 49.
  • Hillock, D. 2007. Regional Reports: Lower Plains. Plants I didn’t Think I Could Grow. Fine Gardening, Feb. 2007, No. 113, pg. 74.

Fact Sheets/Extension Publications (selected):

  • Oklahoma Proven! Selections, Press Sheets, Brochure, and Poster; new selections produced annually.
  • Hillock, D., M. Schnelle. 2018. HLA-6456 Selecting Deciduous Trees for Oklahoma.
  • Luo, Qing, Hillock, D., and M. Holmes. 2017. HLA-6454 Sustainable Landscapes: Designing a Rain Garden for Residential Property.
  • Mitchell, Shelley, D. Hillock. 2016. HLA-6451 Dish Gardens.
  • Hillock, D., L. Brandenberger, B. Carroll, D. Elmore, K. Jarman, C. Luper, D. Martin, J. Olson, E. Rebek, T. Royer, J. Shrefler, J. Vogel, and H. Zhang. 2016. E-1034 Master Gardener’s Manual, 389 pages.
  • Holmes, Kimberly, D. Hillock, S. Wallace. 2015. HLA-6259 Small Fruit Fertilization and Maintenance Schedule.
  • Martin, Dennis, Justin Moss, Eric Rebek, and David Hillock. 2013. L-442 Cool-Season Lawn Management Calendar.
  • Martin, Dennis, David Hillock, Justin Moss, Jim Shrefler, and Eric Rebek. 2013. L-441 Bermudagrass Lawn Management Calendar.
  • Hillock, D., M. Schnelle. 2013. L-440 Tree Planting Guide.
  • Martin, Dennis, Justin Moss, David Hillock, and Greg Bell. 2010. CR-6609 Commercial Sources of Buffalograss Seed, Sod and Plugs.
  • Hillock, D, and M. Holmes. 2010. L-333 Xeriscape Garden Plants, Oklahoma.
  • Hillock, D, and M. Holmes. 2010. L-332 Xeriscape Demonstration Garden, Edmond, Oklahoma.
  • Moss, J., D. Hillock, and D. Martin. 2009. HLA-6608 Managing Turfgrass in the Shade in Oklahoma.
  • Hillock, D. 2009. Rain Garden Plant List.
  • Hillock, D., K. Rebek, and M. Schnelle . 2008. New fact sheet: HLA-6439 Selecting Shrubs for the Landscape
  • Needham D., Hillock, D. and L. Payne. 2006. F-6438 Terrariums.
  • Hillock, D. and M. Schnelle. 2004. E-927, Landscaping with Trees, Shrubs and Vines in Oklahoma (CD).
  • Kimball, S., D. Hillock, G. A. Doeksen, and F. Rood. 2003. F-1744, Backyard Composting in Oklahoma.


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