Brian Kahn

PhD:  Vegetable Crops, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY '82
MS:    Vegetable Crops, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY '79
BS:     Horticulture, Delaware Valley College of Science & Agriculture, Doylestown,
           PA '76

Teaching Activities
Dr. Kahn is the Department Undergraduate Advising Coordinator and the Undergraduate Horticulture Teaching Coordinator. He also coordinates HORT 2010, Internship in Horticulture. Dr. Kahn teaches HORT 1013, Principles of Horticultural Science, each spring and fall semester, and teaches HORT 3433, Commercial Vegetable Production, in the fall of odd-numbered years.

Research Activities
Brian Kahn conducts research focusing on sustainable cultural and management practices for improved yield and quality of vegetables in Oklahoma. While he is primarily an applied scientist, he also conducts some more basic research, especially studies involving vegetable root systems. The long term goal is to provide knowledge which will support the expansion of a sustainable commercial vegetable industry in Oklahoma. Current areas of emphasis include:

Sustainable Pest Management Strategies. Dr. Kahn is part of a multi-disciplinary team seeking funding to investigate strategies for increasing the abundance of beneficial arthropods in mixed plantings (polycultures). Polycultures that include different vegetable crops will be studied if suitable grant funding is obtained.

Diversification of Oklahoma Vegetable Production. Applied research and cultivar trials are conducted as necessary to provide cultural suggestions to growers. The goal is to expand high-quality production of vegetables that traditionally have been minor crops in Oklahoma, with emphasis on the cole crops and peppers. Cultural practices are being developed to facilitate mechanical harvest of cilantro and direct-seeded basil. Detailed information is being developed on eggplant cultivar adaptation, including modeling of yield development in cooperation with the Department of Statistics.

Selected Publications

Damicone, J.P., J.D. Olson, and B.A. Kahn.  2012.  Cultivar and fungicide effects on Pythiumleak of snap bean. Plant Health Progress (online refereed journal) doi:10.1094/PHP-2012-0418-01-RS.

Kahn, B.A., M.E. Payton, and D.A. Graetz.  2012.  Compost treatments interact with other factors to affect red radish production.  Compost Sci. & Utiliz. 20:79-86.Kahn, B.A. and W.G. McGlynn. 2009. Relating objective and subjective ratings of snap bean pod color to likelihood of purchase. HortScience 44:737-741.

Kahn, B.A. and J.P. Damicone. 2008. Kaolin particle film product applications before harvest begins may not improve marketable yields of fresh tomatoes. HortTechnology 18:144-147.

Kahn, B.A. and D.I. Leskovar. 2006. Cultivar and plant arrangement effects on yield and fruit quality of bell pepper. HortScience 41:1565-1570.

Kahn, B.A., J.K. Hyde, J.C. Cole, P.J. Stoffella, and D.A. Graetz. 2005. Replacement of a peat-lite medium with compost for cauliflower transplant production. Compost Sci. & Utiliz. 13:175-179.

Kahn, B.A., J.P. Damicone, and R.J. Schatzer. 2005. Alternatives to benomyl for management of Cercospora leaf spot on turnip greens. HortScience 40:1324-1326.

Stoffella, P.J. and B.A. Kahn (eds.). 2001. Compost utilization in horticultural cropping systems. Lewis Publishers, Boca Raton, Fla. 414 pages.

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