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Janet Cole, Department Head

Janet Cole, Department Head

Janet Cole, Regents Professor and Department Head
Director, Landscape Management Program
Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
358 Agricultural Hall, Stillwater, OK  74078

Office Location: 356A Agricultural Hall
Phone: 405-744-5414
FAX Number: 405-744-9709


PhD:  Ornamental Horticulture, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 1988
MS:    Ornamental Horticulture, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS 1984
BS:    Horticulture, South Dakota State Unviersity, Brokkings, SD 1981
Commercial Economics, South Dakota STate Unviersity, Brookings, SD, 1981

Teaching Activities

  • HORT 3013, Arboriculture - care of trees and shrubs in landscape settings
  • HORT 4543, Nursery Production - cultural practices involved in field and container production of trees or shrubs for sale.

Dr. Cole oversees the accredited Landscape Management Program. She co-advises the OSU student chapter of the Professional Landcare Network. She also co-coaches the OSU Horticulture Judging Team.

Research Activities

Dr. Cole's research addresses the following issues:

  • Plant water relations (drought stress in ornamental plants).
  • Plant nutrition (balancing nutrient application with plant use to reduce environmental impacts from nutrient release also testing alternative organic fertilizers in production of horticultural crops and maintenance of landscape plants).
  • Propagation of difficult to root species with proven performance in Oklahoma's challenging growing environment.

Professional Activities

Dr. Cole is a Fellow in the American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS). She served as Vice President for the Education Division from 2005-2007 and served as President of the Southern Region ASHS from 2004 to 2005. She has also served on numerous committees in the Society.

Dr. Cole has received several teaching awards including the following:

  • 2013 OSU Chapter of Gamma Sigma Delta Teaching Award of Merit
  • 2010 OSU College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Exemplary Faculty Award, OSU Ag Alumni Association
  • 2005 North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Teacher Fellow
  • 2004 Award for Excellence in Student Mentoring, OSU, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
  • 2004 Outstanding Undergraduate Educator Award, American Society for Horticultural Science
  • 2000 Regent's Distinguished Teaching Award, OSU
  • 2000 L.C Chadwick Award, American Nursery and Landscape Association
  • 1999 L.M. Ware Distinguished Teaching Award, Southern Region American Society for Horticultural Science.

Graduate Students and Thesis Titles

Rachael Pepin, M.S. Graduated December 2012. "Effect of Paclobutrazol, Uniconazole and Flurprimidol Applied as a Substrate Drench or by Subirrigation on Growth of Monarda didymaand Buddleia davidii."

Arjina Shrestha, M.S. Graduated August 2011. "Survey of Cultural Practices Used in Production of Viburnums and Water Use and Growth of Three Viburnum Species Grown Under Different Shade Intensities."

Katie Fine, M.S. Graduated May 2010. "Use of Cottonseed Meal With or Without Soapstock or Canola Meal Without Soapstock as an Organic Fertilizer"

Cheryl Boyer, M.S., Graduated May 2005. "Nursery Production of Euonymus fortunei: Chemical and Cultural Practices for Controlling Anthracnose"

Stephanie Oade , M.S., Graduated May 2003. "Chemical and Cultural Controls of Anthracnose on Euonymus fortunei"

Recent Publications

Pepin, R.E. and J.C. Cole. 2014. Paclobutrazol, uniconazole, or flurprimidol applied at various rates as a substrate drench or through subirrigation have little effect on bee balm growth. HortTechnology (in press).

Cole, J.C. 2013. Phytotoxicity of three sulfonyl urea herbicides on twelve ornamental plant speciesJ. Environ. Hort.31:203-210.

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