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Bruce Dunn

dunnBruce L. Dunn, Professor of Floriculture
Departmental Greenhouse Coordinator
Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
358 Agricultural Hall
Stillwater, OK 74078

Office Location: 342 Agricultural Hall
Phone: 405-744-6462
Fax: 405-744-9709


PhD:   Plant Science, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville (2008)
MS:     Plant and Soil Science, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater (2004)
BS:      Horticulture, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater (2002)

Teaching Activities (60%)

  • HORT 1013 - Principles of Horticultural Science (spring and fall)
  • HORT 3084 - Plant Propagation (spring)
  • HORT 3113 - Greenhouse Management (fall)
  • HORT 3713 - Urban Horticulture Production (spring even years)
  • HORT 4990 - Basic Hydroponic Production (spring)
  • HORT 4053 - International Experience in Horticulture (summer even years)
  • HORT 4990 - Basic Hydroponics
  • HORT 5422 - Flowering and Fruiting in Horticultural Crops (spring odd years)

Research Activities (40%)

Research is focused on evaluating new technology (optical sensors, LED lighting) and more efficient production practices (hydroponics, tensiometers, supplemental carbon dioxide, plant nutrition) in controlled environments along with new plant development.

Research Team
Peggy Lloyd, Graduate Research Assistant (M.S. student)
Megh Poudel, Graduate Research Assistant (M.S. student, Spring 2017)
Taylor Mills, Graduate Research Assistant (M.S. student, Spring 2017)
Hardeep Singh, Graduate Research Assistant (M.S. student, Fall 2016)
Lance Swearengin, Graduate Researach Assistant (M.S. student, Fall 2015)
Li Zongyan (Research Scholar)

Selected Publications (47 total)

(All publications can be viewed at:

Singh, H., B.L. Dunn, M. Payton, and L. Brandenberger. 2019.  Fertilizer and cultivar selection of lettuce, basil, and Swiss chard for hydroponic Production. HortTechnology 29:50-56.

Mills-Ibibofori, T., B. Dunn, N. Maness, and M. Payton. 2019. Use of diatomaceous earth as a silica supplement on potted ornamentals. Horticulturae 5: doi:10.3390/horticulturae5010021

Dunn, B.L., H. Singh, and C. Goad. 2018. Relationship between chlorophyll meter readings and nitrogen in poinsettia leaves. J. Plant Nutr. 41:1566-1575.

Dunn, B.L., H. Singh, M. Payton, S. Kincheloe. 2018. Effects of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium on SPAD-502 and atLEAF sensor readings. J. Plant Nutr. 41:1674-1683.

Wijayasekara, D., Hoyt, P., A. Gimondo, B.L. Dunn, A. Thapa, H. Jones, and J. Verchot. 2017. Molecular characterization of two badnavirus genomes associated with Canna yellow mottle disease. Virus Res. 243:19-24.

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McMahon*, E.A., B.L. Dunn, M. Payton, and E. Stafne. 2015. Cutting and Seed Propagation of Sand Plum. Intl. J. Fruit Sci. 15:313-323.

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DeKalb, C., B. Kahn, B. L. Dunn, M. Payton, and A. Barker. 2014. Substitution of a soilless medium with yard waste compost for basil transplant production. HortTechnology 24:668-675.

Jiang*, L., Y. Wang, and B.L. Dunn. 2014.  Cross-compatibility in intraspecific and interspecific hybridization within Lychnisand intergeneric hybridization between Lychnis and Silene. HortScience 49:1-6.

Chen, G., Gong, W., GE, J., Dunn, B.L., Sun, W. 2014. Inflorescence scent, color, and nectar properties of “butterfly bush” (Buddleja davidii) in its native range. Flora 209: 172-178.

Gong, W-C., G. Chen, and B.L. Dunn. 2014. Comparison of floral scent between and within Buddleja fallowiana and Buddleja officinalis (Scrophulariaceae). Biochem. Syst. Ecol. 55:322-328.

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