It is a significant educational and maturing experience for the participants and one they will regard as invaluable to their Oklahoma State career.

The Internship Program at Oklahoma State University is a unique opportunity for agriculture trainees to gain meaningful and practical work experience in a broad range of areas. They area critical investment towards helping trainees explore their career choices in horticulture, turfgrass, landscape architecture and landscape management or related areas.


  • Direct exposure to business and management of
  • A formal and intentional career decision-making process
  • Engagement in and formation of new relationships and networks with a broad range of experts.

Freshmen, Sophomore and Junior, you need to have one or more internship experiences before you graduate. Not only does participation in an internship make you a more attractive candidate, but it can also be an avenue to a career. Professional experience and networking are essential to landing the ideal job upon graduation. College internships are a great way to address both of these issues at the same time.


Horticulture Intern Handbook
Landscape Architecture Intern Handbook
Landscape Management Intern Handbook



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