Guatemalan International Experience

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Dates:  May 21-29, 2016

Location: Rural Cuilapa, Guatemala with 1 free day in Antigua

Course Options:  

  • HORT 4053
  • HORT 5110 (graduate credit)

Travel Details:

  • ~$2,500 all inclusive (Estimate depends on airfare)
  • Plus tuition, passport and vaccinations
  • Trip has limited number of student openings

Contact Information:

Potential Projects:

  • Container Gardening
  • Vermicomposting
  • Small Scale Poultry Production
  • Teaching Agricultural Concepts
  • Composting

Mission:  Teaching food production to those who need it the most is the overriding theme of this service based learning experience. Our goal is to work closely with underprivileged people in rural Guatemala to help them improve their food supply both for improved nutrition and as a means of income through improved agricultural production practices. 

Partnerships: Hunger Relief International ( and ByoEarth (

Both of the partners are Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) providing aid to the people of Guatemala. HRI is headquartered in Oklahoma and has a permanent presence in Guatemala continually working to meet the needs of the people it serves. OSU has been working with HRI since 2010 on development projects both in Guatemala and Haiti. ByoEarth is headquartered in Guatemala and works in concert with HRI with rural women to improve family nutrition through home gardening.

Core Values for the Experience

  • Purpose: To provide help where and if needed
  • Education: Sharing knowledge to improve lives
  • Assistance: Providing a helping hand
  • Compassion: Caring enough to become involved
  • Equipping: Training people how to sustain and provide for themselves
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