Horticulture Tips


June: Monthly Gardening Tips, Selecting Deciduous Trees for Oklahoma, Deadheading, Mow at the Right Height, and Annual OPGA Meeting

May: Monthly Gardening Tips, Dothistroma Needle Blight of Pine, Powdery Mildew, Plant Profile - Mahonia, Controlling Caterpillar Pests, Ten Tips to Save Money and Protect the Environment, Hunger and Horticulture in the US Conference, Annual OPGA Meeting, Horticulture Field Day slated for May 17

April: Monthly Gardening Tips, Pecan Graftwood Sources, Onion Care and Handling, Growing Vertically, Controlling Insects in the Landscape and Garden, Seven Steps to Landscaping Your Yard for Wildlife, Upcoming Pecan Grafting Demonstrations, Annual OPGA Meeting and Horticulture Field Day slated for May 17.

March: Monthly Gardening Tips, Tree Care Issues Conference, Pruning Roses, Pruning Blackberries, Winter Damage to broadleaf Evergreens, allium Millenium Selected as the 2018 Plant of the Year, Attracting Butterflies to the Garden, 

February: Monthly Gardening Tips, Winter Irrigation, Bring Spring Indoors, Earth-Kind Landscaping, Deadline Approaching for 2018 Pecan and Grape Management Courses, Control Peach and Nectarine Leaf Curl, Cutting Back Ornamental Grasses, Horticulture "Spray Day" - March 8,  Grape Pruning Workshop Schedules for March 9; Getting a Head Start - Growing Plants from Seed, Pecan Graftwood Sources, Pecan Grafting Demonstrations, Fruit Elimination on Ornamental Trees,  Midwest Fruit Pest Management Guide for 2018, What is ThinkWater?, 2018 Oklahoma Proven Selections, and Learning Opportunities About during February's National Pesticde Safety Education Month


December: Monthly Gardening Tips; Oklahoma Grown Christmas Trees; Narcissus; Tool Cleanup; Don't Forget to Water this Winter; Feeding Birds; Continuing Education/In-Service Opportunity for Master Gardeners and County Educators; State Pecan Show 2017; 2018 Pecan and Grape Management Classes; Arkansas Blackberry School; and Horticulture "Spray Day".

November: Monthly Gardening Tips; Ornamental Sweet Potatoes Develop Sweet Potatoes?; Protecting Young Trees, Controlling Deer Damage; Controlling Insects In and Around the Home; 

October: Monthly Gardening Tips; Home Plant Pests; Cover Crops; Fall - A Good Time to Control Broadleaf Weeds; Raking Basics; Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs Now; Viticutlure and Enology Workshop and Federal Marketing Order for Pecans Now in Place

September: Monthly Gardening Tips; Fall is Planting Trees and Shrubs; Cool-season Lawn Planting and Renovation; collecting and Using Landscape and Garden Waster; Controlling Winter Annual Weeds; 2017 4-H State Judging Contest; and Upcoming Events

August: Monthly Gardening Tips; Dividing Perennials; Growing Fall Irish Potatoes; Help! Weeds are Taking Over the Garden; Attracting Birds to Landscapes and Outdoor Areas; and Upcoming Events

July: Monthly Gardening Tips; Watering the Yard and Garden Efficiently; Brown Patch Disease of Cool-Season Grasses; Dividing and Replanting Iris; Diagnosing Problems in the Landscape and Garden; New Invasive Blackberry Pest for Oklahoma-Broad Mites; and Upcoming Events

June: Monthly Gardening Tips; Protect Tree Trunks During the Summer; Pruning and Staking Tomatoes; Tomato Blossom Dropor Poor Fruit Set; Insect Hotels

May: Monthly Gardening Tips; Thrips can Wreak Havoc on Flowers and Plant Foliage; Mulch, Mulch and More Mulch; It's the Dirt; Rehabilitation or Removal;?; Working with Mother Nature; Horticulture and Water Conservation Workshops.

April: Monthly Gardening Tips, Planting Guide for Warm-Season Vegetables, All-Americ Selections present both Regional and National Winners for 2017, Using Bedding Plants in the Landscape, Tomato Cages, Water Time Affects Slug Population, Selecting new Vegetable Crops, 

March: Monthly Gardening Tips, Garden Planting Guide for Cool-Season Vegetables, Spring Irrigation System Inspection, March Weed Control Tips, Growiong Transplants Indoors, Pruning Roses, Winter Damage to broadleaf Evergreens, and 201& Year of the Daffodil.

February: Monthly Gardening Tips, Fruit Elimination on Ornamental Trees, Winter Annual Weed Control: Henbit and Carolina Geranium, Pecan Graftwood Sources, 2017 Oklahoma Proven Selections, Midwest Fruit Pest Management Guide for 2017, Pecan Grafting Demonstrations, Deadlines approarching for 2017 Pecan and Grape Management Courses


December and Index: Monthly Gardening Tips for December and January; Selectring and Caring for Your Fresh Christmas Tree; Christmas Cactus; 4-H Horticulture Juding Contest Updates; Sharpen that Blade Now!; Continuing Education/In-Service Opportunity for Master Gardeners and County Educators; 2017 Pecan and Grape Mangement Courses and 2016 Horticulture Tips Index.

November: Monthly Gardening Tips; Sweet Potatoes are Super Roots; Fall Cleanup; Houseplant Care; When Should I Cut My Perennials Back; Plants Provide Winter Interest; Winter Protection of Broadleaf Evergreens; Star Pine - the Mini Christmas Tree; and Global Horticulture Conference

October: Monthly Garden Tips; Twig Girdlers; Alternatives for Turf i Shady Areas; Fall - A Good Time to Control Broadleaf Weeds; Plant Spring-Flowering Bulbs; pecan Harvest and Storage; State Pecan Show 2016; and Global Horticulture Conference

September: Monthly Gardening Tips; Building Healthy Soils; Using Cover Crops to Improve Soil; Plants for Poorly Drained Soils; 'Blond Ambition' Blue Grama; Sources for Fruit and Pecan Nurseries; 

August: Monthly Gardening Tips; Soil Testing; Pecan Crop Load Thinning Field Day, August 9; Pecan Crop Load Thinning Time; Pecan Weevil Monitoring; Managing Vegetable sin Challenging Seasons; Fall Gardening; Pruning Hydrangea; 2017 All-America Selection Winners; and Fall 2016 Market Gardening School in Tulsa

July: Monthly Gardening Tips; Pecan Leaf and Grape Petiole Sampling for Fertilization Recommendations; Summer is for Fall Harvest; Establishing Turfgrasses; Injury Prevention Tips for Gardening; Landscaping a Slope; and Fall 2016 Market Gardening School to take place in Tulsa

June: Monthly Gardening Tips; Weed Control in Vegetable Gardens; Weed Control Important in Fruit Crops; Deadheading!; Scouting a Lawn Problem; Powdery Mildew of Ornamentals; Anthracnose of Deciduous Shade Trees; Water Conservation Workshops and Seminars and Upcoming Horticulture Events

May: Monthly Gardening Tips; Transplanting Tomatoes; Pecan Grafting; Bagworms; Plant Highlight - Solomon's Seal; Oklahoma Pecan Growers 86th Annual Convention; and Spring Irrigation and Water Conservation Seminars

April: Monthly Gardening Tips; How Many Bedding Plants Do I Need?; Water Test; Lawn Fertilizer Tips; Summer Weed Control - Preventing Unnecessary Mowing; Are My Peaches Going to Make This Year?; All-America Selections; Planting Trees; Bluff Creek park Water Conservation Garden; Spring Water Conservation Seminars; Do Squash Cross Pollinate with Pumpkin?; 

March: Monthly Gardening Tips; Establishing a New Vegetable Garden; Cutting Back Ornamental Grasses; Hellebores; and upcoming Horticulture Events. 

February: Monthly Gardening Tips; Pruning Shrubs: Rejuvenation and Renewal; Fertilizing Asparagus; Applying Dormant Oils for Winter Insect Control; Camp TURF 2016; Pecan Grafting Demonstrations; Pecan Graftwood Sources; 2016 Pecan and Grape management Courses; Midwest Fruit Pest Management Guide for 2016; Fruit and Pecan New or Updated Fact Sheets; 2016 Oklahoma Proven Selections and Upcoming Horticulture Events.


December: Monthly Gardening Tips; January Gardening Tips; Christmas Trees; Poinsettia Care; Managing Storm Damaged Trees; Water Irrigation; Oklahoma State Pecan Show 2015; Continuing Education/In-service Opportunity for Master Gardeners and County Educators and 2015 Index

November: Monthly Gardening Tips; Ah, Nuts!; Don't Bag It: Autumn Leaves; Mulching Strawberries; Forcing Bulbs for the Holidays; Under-utilized Conifers; 70th Annual Oklahoma Turfgrass Conference and TradeShow; Master Gardener Corner; Horticulture Industries Show and Conference; and Upcoming Events

October: Monthly Gardening Tips; Fall Fertilizer Tips for Your Lawn; Fall Leaf Basics; Winter Season mulches; Selecting Fall Color; Cheetah is the New Black; 70th Annual Oklahoma Turfgrass Conference and TradeShow; and Upcoming Events

September: Monthly Gardening Tips; A Second Crop; Twig Girdlers; Getting Fruit Crops Ready for the Fall; Sunflowers-Harvesting and Roasting; Despite Spring Rains, Flash Drought Symptoms hit Oklahoma; Patio is Center of Outdoor Entertainment; Follow ThinkWater on Social Media; and Upcoming Events

August: Monthly Gardening Tips; Fall Armyworm Reminder; Scheduling Your Turfgrass Water Needs by Visually Inspecting Your Lawn; Why We Don't Save Hybrid Seed; Armadillo Control; Managing a Compost Pile; and Upcoming Events

July: Monthly Gardening Tips; Hold Off on Sampling Leaves and Petioles until Mid-July; How Safe are Vegetables that were Flooded?; Delayed Fruit Maturity: The Cause and Effect; Straw Bale Gardening; Water Smart Activities for Summer Fun; Smart Irrigation Month; and Upcoming Events

June: Monthly Gardening Tips; The Challenges of Wet and Cold Weather; More Moisture Requires Less Irrigation; Powdery Mildew of Ornamentals; Anthracnose of Deciduous Shade Trees; Common Composting Questions and Answers; Drought-tolerant Gardening at the OKC Zoo and Botanical Garden; Smart Irrigation Month; and Upcoming Events

May: Gardening Tips; How to Produce High Quality Tomatoes; Transplanting Not So Perfect Tomato Transplants; Water Saving Tips; Irrigation and Lawn Tips; Rain Barrels for the Home Landscape; It's Grafting Time; Greater Peach Tree Borer; Selecting Shrubs for the Landscape; 85th Annual Pecan Growers Association Meeting; and Upcoming Events

April: Garden Tips; What's New in Hort Plants Version 2.0; Water Wise Plant Nursery Extension Displays; The Importance of Irrigation Water Quality and Soil Tests for Turfgrass; All-American Selections presents Regional and National Winners for 2015; 2015 Year of the Sweet Pepper; and Upcoming Events

March: Garden Tips; Don't Bag It; Pruning Roses; New State Fair Horticulture Class for 4-H Members; 'Snow Sprite' Dwart Deodar Cedar; New and Revised Horticulture Publications; Sweet Potato Slip Production; Winter Annual Weed Control: Henbit and Carolina Geranium; and Upcoming Events

February: Garden Tips, cutting Back Ornamental Grasses, Thinning Peaches, Planting Strawberries, Disease and Insect Pests in the Orchard, Starting Seeds Indoors, 2015 Oklahoma Proven Selections, 2014 Tomato Trial Results, Pecan and Grape management Classes, Pecan Graftwood Sources and Summer Opportunity for Oklahoma Teens

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