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Paul James, Keynote

Question and Answer Session

Bio: HGTV's Host of "Gardening By the Yard," KMOD Radio Personality, the "Garden Guy" and Marketing Director for Southwood Landscape and Garden in Tulsa, OK.

Panel Presentation: Introducing 2 Approaches to "Groundless" Gardening - Sessions 2 or 3

Introduction to SIMPLE Hydroponics - Bob Boatman

  • Bob Boatman is an avid horticulturist, a pastime and vocation handed down from his father. His love of the science led him to develop new and intriguing methodologies for growing tomatoes. One such method is a hydroponic fabric pot, simple and economical.

Taking Gardening to New Heights - Patti Godwin

  • Patti Godwin will share how she discovered vertical growing using tower gardens, the experiences of the creator of Tower Gardens, from Epcot Center to Entrepreneur, the simplicity of how Tower Gardens work, and the endless creative ways Tower Gardens are being implemented into lifestyles and/or small businesses.

Dr. Clifford Ivy - Sessions 4 & 5

Topic: Flying Flowers - How our Worlds Collide and Coexist

Topic Description: Butterflies are not only beautiful insects; they serve as indicators of nature's health. They are a food source for many animals and insects as well as being pollinators. Populations have declined in several locations due to habitat loss, pesticides, and climate change. These delicate "Flying Flowers' can be helped by gardens that are designed for all seasons, not only attracting butterflies but a diverse population of insects and birds. Participants will learn about the butterflies of Oklahoma and the basics of butterfly gardening from this dedicated man of science.

Bio: Dr. Clifford Ivy - Scientist, Toxicologist, Butterfly Interpreter

Gary Ketcham and Bob Wickizer - Sessions 4 & 5

Topic: Making Great Wine in Oklahoma - Are You Kidding?

Topic Description: Great wine is made in the vineyard. This presentation is split between Pecan Creek Winery's Vineyard Operation Manager, Gary Ketcham, and its winemaker, Bob Wickizer. The description of the vineyard operation covers the basics of viticulture including site selection, varietal selection, rootstocks, trellises, soil chemistry, and more. Mr. Wickizer, a degreed scientist, medical school lecturer, medical imaging software company founder, and Episcopal priest, now vintner discusses Oklahoma terroir in terms of soils, weather, climate change opportunities and winemaking adjustments compensating for our non-Mediterranean climate. As winemaker at the Pecan Creek Winery, it is literally art and science for Wickizer.

Bio: Bob Wickizer and Dr. D.I. Wilkinson are the vintners and Gary Ketcham is the vineyard manager of Pecan Creek Winery in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Bob, Episcopal Parish Priest has the scientific background to process the grapes into great Northeastern Oklahoma wine.  They have learned there is a strong tradeoff between quality and quantity. Pruning more fruit provides lower yields but much better quality. But all the while, their patience has won them many awards for their unique wine blends.

Sharon Owens, Owner of MoonShadow Herbs - Session 1

Topic: Native Herbs and Plants as Green Allies

Topic Description: Learn how to identify and use five (5) common and abundant plants that are native to N.E. Oklahoma, and their traditional uses as our green allies. This workshop provides hands-on learning experience where together participants will touch, taste, and discuss live plants. MoonShadow Herb plants will be included as examples of specimens grown and used.

Suzie Lawrence, Master Gardener - Session 1

Topic: Bringing the Outside Inside

Topic Description: Garner ideas for gathering materials from nature, garden and yard to make beautiful and out of the ordinary arrangements and displays. Take home a general guide for the cultivation of the best flowers for cutting and tips for the arranging of what you grow from this great Master Gardener in Muskogee.

Carla Grogg, Grogg's Green Barn - Session 1

Topic: Transforming Agriculture and Engaging a New Generation

Topic Description: Health and wellness are quickly becoming an important topic for many of us, particularly the younger generation. Adopted methods of hybridization and pesticide applications are coming into question. How does your garden routine impact this change in perspective?

Sand Mueller, Owner of Plants Alive - Session 2 & 3

Topic: Toward a Sustainable Greenhouse

Topic Description: This experienced horticulturist will detail the design, materials required, and construction of a sustainable greenhouse economically. The session includes the operation of a sustainable greenhouse including soils, containers, fertilization and insect control, potential crops both winter and summer, and required maintenance. You don't have to do it the commercial way!

Doug Walton, Sessions 4 & 5

Topic: Gardening As If Our Lives Depend On it

Topic Description: Oklahomans face many preventable chronic health conditions related to poor diet and physical inactivity. Helping children and adults experience the joy of growing and eating fresh vegetables is essential to improving our overall health and well-being.

Bio: Coordinator, TSET Healthy Living Program for the Muskogee County Health Department

Terral Graybill - Sessions 4 & 5

Topic: Spread Your Wings - Developing a Butterfly Camp

Topic Description: This experienced educator will discuss the purpose, learning objectives, and logistics of a Butterfly Camp for elementary age children. She will share the curriculum she developed for the Papilion in Muskogee, including marketing for the camp, ordering butterflies, and camp development. Ideas will also be presented for developing a children's camp using the curriculum but not having a butterfly house.

Bio: Former Educator for the Muskogee Public Schools

Dane Strickland - Sessions 2 & 3

Topic: It's Not Easy Being a Bee Today!

Topic Description: Bees are the gardeners' friends. As gardeners we must be aware of the environmental changes and pressures affecting bee species generation. This session will discuss conflicts between commercial beekeeping, hobby beekeeping idealism, and reduced cost farming practices. How are the bees adapting?

Bio: Dane is the owner of the RJS Bee Farm in Owasso, Oklahoma. He is also the president of the Northeast Oklahoma Beekeepers Association.

Aaron Smith - Sessions 2 & 3

Topic: Vermiculture - Worm Castings, and Why Do They Matter?

Topic Description: Aaron Smith earned his Master's Degree with his thesis on worm castings production and their benefits to the soil and the plants you plant in it. The "Wormpreneur" birthed his business plan writing his MBA 10 years ago. His passion is to educate and help others live a healthier lifestyle that begins in the soil. He is honored to give you the "Scoop on the Poop!"

Bio: President and CEO, SproutFaster

Bob Boatman - Session 2 or 3

Topic: Introduction to Simple Hydroponics detailing some better rechniques for growing tomatoes based on simple experience, experimentation, and determination.

Bio: Bob Boatman grew up in Muskogee and graduated from NSU in 1971 with a B.S. in Business and Economics with minor in Journalism.  He started breeding daylilies with his father 35 years ago and got infected with the growing things!  This virus has never been cured.  He presently operates Bermuda Bob's sod and vegetable farm in Ft Gibson, OK

Pat Gwin - Session 1

Topic: Cherokee Ethnobotany: A brief look at Cherokee plant culture and its evolution since 1491

Bio: Pat Gwin is a Cherokee Nation Citizen and a 4th generation Oklahoman.  His birth, upbringing, education and career have all taken place within Northeastern Oklahoma.  Mr. Gwin graduated from Northeastern State University with a BS in Biology.  He began his work with the Cherokee Nation in 1992 and has served in the Environmental, Natural Resources, Executive Administration, and Secretary of Natural Resources Departments.  Currently, Mr. Gwin is the Cherokee Nation's Sr. Director of Environmental Resources and works on numerous DOI/EPA/USDA-related projects dealing with environmental issues and policies.  Additionally, he directs the Cherokee Nation's Ethnobiology Program which includes the seed bank and native plant initiatives.  Mr. Gwin's non-professional life is consumed by his passion for the outdoors and sustainability issues.  


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