HIS Proceedings Past Years

2015, January 16-17: Technology Solutions for Growers and Marketers

2014, January 10-11: Improving Your Production Toolbox

2013, January 11-12: Horticulture Production & Food Safety: Making Good During Tough Times

2012: 31st HIS, January 6-7:  Propagating Success: Pursuing Excellence in Horticulture

2011: 30th HIS, January 14-15: Local Growers - Local Cooperation, II

2010: 29th HIS, January 8-9: Local Growers - Local Cooperation

2009: 28th HIS, January 16-17: Conserving the Future - Managing Risks

2008: 27th HIS, January 4-5: Celebrating Horticulture, Four Seasons of Success

2007: 26th HIS, January 5-6: Horticulture for Food and Fun

2006: 25th HIS, January 6-7: Improve Your Growing Climate with HIS

2005: 24th HIS, January 14-15: Safe and Secure Food Begins on the Farm

2004: 23rd HIS, January 9-10: Growing Your Horticulture Business

2003:  22nd HIS, January 10-11: Profiting Through Innovation

2002, January 11-12: Better Crops Through Soil Conservation

2001, January 5-6: Growing Together a Better Tomorrow

2000: 19th HIS, January

1999: 18th HIS, January

1998: 17th HIS, January

1997, January 3-4: 16th Annual Horticulture Industries Show


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2016 Exhibitors

Arkansas State Plant Board

Cedar Farm - CBS
Sand Springs, OK

DeWitt Seed Company
Norman, OK

Horticulture & Landscape Architecture, OSU

Irrigation-Mart, Inc.
Ruston, LA

Kaleidoscope Farm
Brookston, TX

The Kerr Center for Sustainable Agriculture

Leon's Wholesale Greenhouses, Kingston, OK

National Center for Appropriate Technology

OK Worm Worx
Tulsa, OK

Rincon Vitova Insectaries

Triple Triangle T
Beggs, OK

University of Arkansas Center for Agricultural & Rural Sustainability

University of Arkansas, Department of Food Science, Farmers' Market Food Safety

USDA - NASS, Oklahoma