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The Proven Winners™ brand was founded in 1992 with the goal of introducing the best, most unique, high performing plants, to produce them under the highest quality standards, and to market the plants innovatively. The plants are available from just about every garden center in North America. The OSU bedding plant trial for Proven Winners™ is located at the Botanic Garden at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK. These gardens have areas for the general public to become acquainted with plants that grow well in Oklahoma. It also serves as a research station for the Oklahoma State University Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture. Dr. Bruce Dunn is conducting The Proven Winners™ trials. A typical Oklahoma summer is humid and windy with typical temperature ranging from 80 to 105 oF. We generally received a lot of rain in May then it gets hot and dry for June, July, and August. 2011 was a summer of recordbreaking temperatures and extreme drought.

Trial Preparation

Proven Winners™ vegetative plugs are received in April and transplanted into 6” containers and kept in a greenhouse at 75/65º day/night set temperatures. Raised field beds are prepared by tilling and plants are transplanted after the first week of May. Plants are placed in full sun in three alternate rows per cultivar on 12-inch centers. Drip irrigation is used as needed (1-2 times a week). A 2-3 inch layer of utility mulch is applied.


Monthly evaluations are made using a 1-5 ranking system with 5 indicating plants were performing great in the trial at the time of the evaluation, and a 1 indicates the plants were dead. Flip video was also taken on the day of the evaluations.

Plant Trials

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