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Segars Receives Robberson Summer Fellowship

Segars Receives Robberson Summer Fellowship

Chrissie Segars PhD student specializing in Turfgrass Science.

Chrissie Segars, a doctoral student in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, has received the Robberson Summer Dissertation Fellowship from the Oklahoma State University Graduate College.

During the summer, Segars will be conducting multiple screening trials at the Oklahoma State Turfgrass Research Center. Her research will focus on the effects of athletic field paint on turfgrass health in regards to photosynthesis and carbohydrate production and evaluation of sod tensile strength of experimental and commercially available bermudagrasses.

As a master's student, she first became involved with Dr. Dennis Martin’s research “Evaluation of Traffic Tolerance of Experimental and Commercially Available Bermudagrass Varieties in 2011 as a graduate research assistant and collaborator. As a result of her work on this project, a manuscript is currently being revised and submitted for publication.

Under current PhD advisor, Dr. Justin Moss, Segars has successfully published "The Effects of Athletic-Field Paint Color on Net Photosynthesis and Canopy Temperature of Overseeded Perennial Ryegrass" in Applied Turfgrass Science in 2014.

Segars received her undergraduate degree from Clemson University in 2009. She received a master's of science from Louisiana State University in Kinesiology in 2011 and Oklahoma State University in Horticulture in 2013. She currently working toward a doctorate in Crop Science specializing in Turfgrass Science.

She was one of ten doctoral candidates selected for the Graduate College's Summer Dissertation Fellowship. The Fellowship comes with a $4,000 stipend and tuition waiver for up to two credit hours. All funding is provided by the Robberson Trust and Graduate College Funds.

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