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NEW Greenhouse Learning Center

NEW Greenhouse Learning Center

Greenhouse Learning Center on Tuesday, February 4 at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater.

Although the new Greenhouse Learning Center’s grand opening was held this past August, staff and students were largely absent from the building until the start of this semester.


Holly Pasmore, greenhouse manager, started working at the facility in early January.

“I’m just trying to hold down the fort at the moment,” Pasmore said.

Pasmore is a firm believer in hands on education for students and said the greenhouse is a "great opportunity." The greenhouse caters mostly to students in the Ferguson School of Agriculture, but the College of Arts and Sciences also uses it for experiments.


The complex is home to six separate greenhouses, a fully furnished classroom, office space, and the Southwood Landscape and Nursery Prep Area. The classroom and Prep Area have large tables for students to learn potting basics and work on projects. The Prep Area also contains a refrigerator for seed storage and three smaller rooms to house pots, soils and fertilizers. Continued story . . .