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Urban Hort Class

Urban Hort Class

Creating an urban style garden!

HORT 3713 (Urban Horticulture Production) was taught in spring 2016 for the second time. This class was originally developed by Dr. Bruce Dunn in spring 2014 and is a spring semester in even years only class.  The objectives of the class is to address aspects of crop production under urban conditions and to develop knowledge and hands on experience growing a range of crops using different production practices within urban conditions.  Students learn and participate in topics like square foot gardening, low tunnels, hydroponics, vermicomposting, vertical gardening, food safety, organic production, green roofs, canning, sprouts, and micro greens. 

Dr. Dunn's Urban Horticulture Production students built vertical growing structures and a wall out of shipping pallets.  They are also in the process of building a demonstration green roof.  All structures can be see out at The Botanic Gardens at Oklahoma State University.

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