Keeper of Presidential Gardens

OSU CASNR alumna maintains the historic gardens of Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson.

Keeper of Presidential Gardens, Amy JeffriesFor Amy Jeffries, a love of horticulture started in her grandmother's garden. This love led her to Oklahoma State University, and now Jeffries lives out her dream at Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, Jeffries said.

"My dad always told me to find something I love to do and then figure out a way to get paid for it," said Amy Jeffries, OSU horticulture alumna and superintendent of gardening at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello. "Gardening with my grandmother was the base foundation behind the career path I chose."

Jeffries said the idea of pursuing a degree in horticulture and landscape architecture was more than just a hobby in high school. It blossomed into a new and exciting passion, she said.

"My second semester of college is when I realized I liked the idea of sharing gardening and plants with other people," Jeffries said. "Sop, I switched my concentration to public horticulture."

Jeffries said Doug Needham, former OSU horticulture professor, influenced her throughout the time she spent at OSU. His class helped her decide she could pursue a career in horticulture, she said.

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