Barton Receives Fellowship

Matthew Barton received the Leo and Kathy Noltensmeyer Endowed Graduate Fellowship in Precision Ag. The fellowship is awarded to a graduate student in CASNR conducting research and classroom activities furthering precision sensing technology, or similar research which improves agricultural production.

Barton's research demonstrates the spectral reflectance response of saline irrigation water on bermudagrass as measured by Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). Worldwide, high levels of salinity cause plant yield and quality reductions, loss of vegetation, degradation of land resources, and depletion of irrigation water. Bermudagrass demonstrates some salinity tolerance and is widely used globally for turf, forage, and erosion control. 

 Barton's research will help identify the critical points within bermudagrass decline due to salinity stress. Improved understanding of salt tolerance and identification of more salt tolerant cultivars will lead to better salinity management practices, less reliance on high quality water, improved agricultural productivity, and greater sustainability of land and water resources in salt-affected areas.



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