OSU Studio 3 Students Win National "Come Alive Outside" Competition

OSU Studio 3 Students Win National "Come Alive Outside" Competition

I collected my idea for my concept from an elementary student that described his favorite spot to me. He spoke of a tree he loved because when he sat underneath it, the branches redirected the light in a way which he enjoyed.

This semester, students in Professor Nick Nelson’s Landscape Architecture course (Studio 3) engaged in an exciting project with 3rd graders from Sangre Ridge Elementary School in Stillwater.  The project was entered into the national “Come Alive Outside” competition and was recently named as the first place winner.

The Landscape Architecture students produced an Idea Resource Book to highlight their ideas and creativity for the project. A Coloring Book was also developed as additional way to connect the elementary students to the project .  The first few pages of the “Idea Resource Book” provide the backdrop.  And be sure to watch this short video that was part of the submission for the competition:  Students worked on the project for about a month then presented to a panel of judges in Fort Collins, Colorado on March 19. Studio 3 students presenting the project were Jimi Underwood, Haley Dugger, Rita Woodson, Corey Branch.

“The Come Alive Outside Movement was founded by Jim Paluch, in 2010 in response to the sedentary, indoor lifestyle that is contributing to a multitude of adverse effects in our society.  The movement appeals to individuals, families, businesses and communities to start finding ways to encourage one another back into the great outdoors.”  To learn more about Come Alive Outside campaign visit the website:


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