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OSU Horticulture Resource Materials

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Guide to Saving Water in the Home Landscape, E-1038

Guide to Saving Water

Water is a non-renewable resource that we tend to undervalue. In Oklahoma, home landscapes consume 30-40 percent of household water use. It is possible to have an attractive landscape while conserving water.

This guide highlights water conserving options and covers basic design concepts, plant selection, proper irrigation and general maintenance steps to care for the landscape beyond establishment. Each topic has tips and practices called "The Big Drips," that when applied creates a more sustainable and resilient landscape to help conserve Oklahoma's precious water resources.  $5.00

Drought Tolerant Plant Selections for Oklahoma, E-1037

Drought Tolerant Plant SelectionsThis booklet is separated by annuals, perennials, ornamental grasses, vines, groundcover, shrubs, trees, and turfgrasses. Each plant is listed alphabetically by its scientific name within each category. There is also an index in the back listing the plants by common name. The mature height and width are listed, which should be kept in mind when planning a landscape. The growing conditions include light, water and soil pH requirements. Each plant has the season(s) of interest shown. This list also indicates whether each plant is native within Oklahoma, continental US or outside of the continental US.

Many plants listed are considerably more drought resistant when properly mulched. Consumers should note some plant material listed can be toxic to pets and humans when ingested. $12.00

Handbook of Oklahoma Vineyard Establishment and Management

OK Vineyard HandbookThe OSU Viticulture and Enology team is pleased to present a new publication, Handbook of Oklahoma Vineyard Establishment and Management.  This book will serve as our primary instructional tool in the OSU Grape Management Short Course, but also is available to anyone who would like a copy.  It has 212 pages full of information with color photos, figures, tables, and drawings on how to grow grapes. 

A sampling of the subjects covered in this handbook include: education and planning, economics, climate, soils, irrigation, anatomy, cultivars and clones, rootstocks, propagation, site selection, trellis systems and training, pruning, vine nutrition, canopy management, disease and insect management, yield estimation, harvest, marketing, and health benefits. Cost: $15.00

Oklahoman's Guide to growing Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables Handbook

OK Guide to Fruits Nuts HandbookUnderstanding the basics of fruit, nut and vegetable production in Oklahoma can be challenging. Production systems are very different for many horticultural crops compared to traditional agronomic row crops and sources of information can be difficult to find or interpret easily. The Oklahomans' Guide to Growing Fruits, Nuts and Vegetables was created as an easy-to-use reference for growers, County Extension Educators, and others who want a quick guide for learning the basics of fruit, nut and vegetable production. Each section covers a variety of crops, and within those crop management issues such as varieties, roil preference, ideal growing conditions, establishment, fertilization, irrigation, pest management, harvest, shipping and storage conditions, and other helpful information are addressed specifically for Oklahoma growing areas, but can be applied to other states as well. We appreciate the feedback that we receive from commercial growers, homeowners and county educators throughout Oklahoma to improve this guide in the future.  Cost: $15

 Pocket Guides

These guides represent the most common pests of grapes/pecans in Oklahoma. It is important for growers to scout their vineyards/orchards/groves frequently and observe disease and insect problems. Early identification can reduce negative impacts on crop health and productivity. Cost: $10 per pocket guide. 

Pecan Pocket GuideGrape Pocket Guide

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