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Greenhouse Learning Center

glc2 cover Greenhouse Learning Center The new Greenhouse Learning Center allows students to be active participants in the $14 billion national horticulture industry. Here, they learn real-world management and propagation of plant materials in state of the art facilities.


The Greenhouse Learning Center, a $6 million facility replaced OSU's existing teaching greenhouses. The complex is home to six separate greenhouses, a fully furnished classroom, office space, and the Southwood Landscape and Nursery Prep Area, as well as storage space for soil, equipment and chemicals. Greenleaf Nursery, one of North American's largest wholesale nursery growers and long-time partner and supporter of OSU's horticulture programs, committed $1 million toward this new project.

Each greenhouse is independently climate controlled using an automated micro-grow greenhouse system that continuously monitors conditions like temperature and humidity. Other state of the art features include LED and high pressure sodium grow lights, rolling benches and automatic dark shades.

A large foyer provides space for student club meetings. It also houses cutting-edge irrigation systems, intense climate and humidity control and other technology standard in today’s horticulture industry. Check out the student designs for the Greenhouse Learning Center's Outdoor Plaza!