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Horticulture is the art, science and technology used to produce fruits, nuts, vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs and turfgrass for food and beautification of the environment. The program addresses these various aspects of the profession through courses which provide theoretical knowledge and technical skills including special problem research opportunities. You will also participate in an internship to obtain further practical experience. Each option can prepare you for immediate employment or graduate study. Printable Brochure

Where do you see yourself?

Arboretum Manager
Athletic Field Manager
Botanic Garden Manager/Director
Business Sales Representative
Extension Specialist
Floral Crop Grower/Marketer
Fruit & Vegetable Production Manager
Garden Center Manager
Golf Course Superintendent
Greenhouse Manager
Horticultural Therapist
Nursery Manager
Park Horticulturist/Director
Plant Breeder
Plant Inspector
Plant Propagator
Private Firm Owner
Nursery Sales Representative
Nursery Inspector
Research Director/Development
Sod Farm Manager
Turf Specialist
Urban Forester
Urban Horticulturist


Horticultural Business
Prepares you for entry into a horticultural business enterprise with a choice between three built-in minors: Agricultural Economics, Entrepreneurship or General Business.

Horticultural Science
Learn both the "why" and "how" of horticultural science, including topics such as genetics, plant physiology and plant growth and development.

Public Horticulture
Emphasizes the design, installation and management of horticultural plantings and organization management for public spaces such as arboreta, botanical gardens and zoos. A second specialization focuses on urban horticulture.

Turf Management
Provides the training for production and management of turfgrass on golf courses, parks, athletic fields, home landscapes, airports and along highways with opportunities to minor in Soil Sciences or Pest Management.
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