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Students and Advisors

amgainNaba Amgain, Ph.D.

  • Effect of Novel Cultivation Practices on Creeping Bentgrass Putting Greens
  • Dr. Charles Fontanier, Advisor



Darren Blanchard, graduate studentDarren Blanchard

  • Pecan Research
  • Professor Luo Zhang, Advisor


Andy Fusco, graduate studentAndy Fusco

  • Public Garden Management at the Tulsa Botanic Garden
  • Dr Lou Anella, Advisor



Lakshmy Gopinath, PhD StudentLakshmy Gopinath, PhD

  • Freeze Tolerance of Bermudagrasses
  • Dr. Justin Q. Moss, Advisor



Dustin Harris, graduate studentDustin Harris

  • Bermudagrass Putting Green Development
  • Dr. Justin Q. Moss, Advisor



Katy Layman, graduate studentKaty Layman

  • Assessing Fertilizer and Irrigation Needs of Ornamental Container Combos
  • Dr. Bruce Dunn, Advisor



Peggy Loyg, graduate studentPeggy Loyd

  • Sumagic Trial on Tomato Seedlings to Determine Affects on Growth, Yield, and Residue
  • Dr. Bruce Dunn

Andi Nichols, graduate studentAndi Nichols

  • Field Establishment of Bell and Spice Pepper by Direct Seeding
  • Dr. Lynn Brandenberger, Advisor



Chris Reid, graduate studentChris Reid

  • 1) Water Use Rates of Fairway-type Turfgrass Under Deficient Irrigation and 2) Genetic Assay of Bermudagrass Naturalized to the Northern United States
  • Dr. Charles Fontanier, Advisor