Landscape Architecture Scheduling Guide

The following is a list of required and suggested courses for the Landscape Architecture degree option and a suggested sequence for when the classes should be taken.  2017-2018 Print Version; (CLICK HERE if a transfer student)

First Year



Freshman Composition I
Intro to Landscape Arch
LA Visual Communication I
Survey of Amer History
Humanity (H)

(ENGL 1113)
(LA 1013)
(LA 2213)
(AG 1011)
(HIST 1103)
(----3 hrs)

Freshman Composition II
LA Visual Communication II
Computer Aided Design
Studio 1: Principles & Theory

(ENGL 1213)
(LA 2223)
(LA 2323)
(LA 3315)

Second Year



Studio 2: Site Design
LA Construction I
Woody Plant Material

(LA 3325)
(LA 3884)
(HORT 2613)
(BIOL 1114)

Studio 3: Rec & Open Space
Drawing I
Applied Geometry/Trig
American Government

(LA 4415)
(ART 1103)
(MATH 1583)
(POLS 1113)

Third Year



History & Theory of LA (H)*
LA National Survey
LA Construction III
General Chemistry

(LA 3673)
(LA 3112)
(LA 4894)
(CHEM 1314)
(MCAG 2313)

LA Construction II
Landscape Planting Design
Fundamentals of Soil Science
Intro to Ag Econ

(LA 3894)
(LA 4034)
(SOIL 2124)
(AGEC 1113)

Fourth Year



Studio 4: Ecological Plan &     Community Design
Land Analysis for Site Design
LA Professional Survey
Land Use & Community Plan*
Ecology of Natl Resources

(LA 4425)

(LA 4453)
(LA 4112)
(LA 4433)
(NREM 2013)

Planning & Design for Sust. Landscapes*
Emphasis Requirement or Long-term Internship (LA 3010: 3-5 credits)**
Emphasis Requirement 
Gen Ed (A, H, N or S)

(LA 4423)

(      ----3)

(      ----3)
(      ----3)






(LA 3010, 2 hrs)

Fifth Year



Studio 5: Urban Design
Business Communication
Gen Ed (A, H, N or S)
Emphasis Requirements

(LA 4515)
(BCOM 3113)
(      ----3)
(      ----3)

Studio 6: Collaborative Design
Professional Practice*
Oral Communications
Elective (D or I)
Emphasis Requirements

(LA 4525)
(LA 3682)
(AGCM 3203)
(      ----3)
(      ----2)

  • Landscape Architecture is an accredited five year program; this plan is an example of how a student may successfully complete degree requirements in five years. Students are responsible for completing requirements in the official degree sheet for each major. It is mandatory for a student to meet with an academic advisor prior to course enrollment each semester. *Courses offered every other year.
  • ** All landscape architecture students are required to complete LA 3010: Landscape Architecture Internship for a minimum of 2 credits. Students that are on-track or ahead of schedule have the option to complete a long-term internship during the spring and summer semesters of the 4th year. Students enrolled in the long-term internship can receive up to 5 credits toward their emphasis area. Students interested in the long-term internship options should talk with their advisor.

Updated 08/25/17

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