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Landscape Architecture Course Descriptions

LA 1013
Introduction to Landscape Architecture and Landscape Management.
An overview of the field of landscape architecture and landscape management with an emphasis on the application of artistic and scientific principles of design, planning and management of natural and built environments.

LA 2213
Visual Communication I for Landscape Architecture
. Lab 3. The practice and application of drafting, freehand sketching, design vocabulary, and design concepts to explore, communicate, and represent built and imagined landscapes.

LA 2223
Visual Communication II for Landscape Architecture.
Lab 3. Prerequisite(s): 2213. Visual journaling and communication. The practice and application of delineation techniques and computer based multimedia for conveying information and conceptual ideas about landscape through the development of understandable graphic presentations.

LA 2323
Computer-Aided Design.
Lab 2. Prerequisite(s): 1013, 2213. Introduction to computer operating systems. Principles of electronic drafting and visual communication techniques related to the landscape for two-dimensional and three-dimensional systems.

LA 2513
(D) Native American Symbolism in Landscape Design.
Lab 3. Study of cultural diversity through Native American symbolism and application of these symbols as design elements relating to functional and aesthetic qualities in landscape design.

LA 2523
Garden Design in Harmony with Local Ecology.
Lab 3. History, theory, and practice of creating gardens in harmony with local ecology to express aesthetic and cultural values of individuals and societies. Environmental aspects of place related to design form and expression.

LA 3010
Internship in
Landscape Architecture. 1-7 credits, max 10. Prerequisite(s): 45 credit hours and consent of internship chairperson. Supervised work experience with approved public or private employers in landscape architecture or related fields. May not be substituted for other required courses. Graded on a pass-fail basis.

LA 3112
Landscape Architecture Regional Built Works.
Prerequisite(s): 1013. Analysis of various aspects of the landscape architecture profession and designed works with guest speakers. One-day field trips to cities in the region to view landscape architecture built works and visit professional offices. Required of third-year students.

LA 3315
Studio I: Principles and Theory of  Design.
Lab 9. Prerequisite(s): 1013, 2223 and 2323. Introduction to basic elements, principles, and theory of design. Exploration of design process, both 2D and 3D form, spatial organization, and temporal nature of landscape. Applied projects in small scale landscape design.

LA 3325
Studio 2: Site Design.
Lab 9. Prerequisite(s): 3315. Design process, site inventory and analysis as it relates to physical and social site design. Place making, experiential, behavioral, and environmental considerations among several issues to be examined. Applied projects will focus on residential design, site design and design development.

LA 3673
(H) History and Theory of Landscape Architecture.
History and historic styles and approaches to landscape architectural design. Past and present landscape design theory.

LA 3682
Professional Practice and Office Procedure.
Ethics, office practice and procedure. Contract documents and specifications relating to landscape architecture.

LA 3884
Landscape Architectural Construction I.
Lab 4. Prerequisite(s): 2323, MCAG 2313. Review mechanical drafting and lettering techniques, understanding contours, principles of stormwater runoff, site grading and earthwork calculations, methods of managing stormwater runoff, erosion control, introduction to paving and drainage construction materials, specifications, cost estimating. Semester project covering grading, drainage, cut and fill, stormwater runoff, specifications, and cost estimating. Utilizing Auto CAD and other computer applications.

LA 3894
Landscape Architectural Construction II.
Lab 4. Prerequisite(s): 2323, 3884. Advanced grading and drainage, horizontal and vertical roadway alignment, site layout and dimensioning, construction documents, site utilities, engineering properties of soils, introduction to paving and drainage construction materials, introduction to retaining wall design and site lighting. Semester project covering construction documents, site layout and dimensioning, grading and drainage, cut and fill, site utilities, retaining walls, site lighting and cost estimating utilizing Auto CAD and other computer applications.

LA 4034*
Landscape Planting Design.
Lab 4. Prerequisite(s): 3324, HORT 2313 and 2413. Plants in the landscape as aesthetic and functional elements. Environmental enhancement by and for plants. Preparation of planting sketches, plans and specifications.

LA 4053
(I) International Experience in Landscape Architecture - Japan.
Prerequisite(s): Consent of appropriate faculty member. Participation in a formal or informal educational experience related with landscape architecture in Japan.

LA 4063
(I) International Experience in Landscape Architecture - Peru.
Prerequisite(s): Consent of appropriate faculty member. Participation in a formal or informal educational experience related with landscape architecture in Peru.

LA 4112
Landscape Architecture National Built Works.
Prerequisite(s): 4514 or consent of instructor. Examine issues of the design/build environment, sustainable strategies for land use and rehabilitation, and professional practice while exploring career opportunities for students. Expose students to built works, including sustainably-developed sites, and landscape architectural professional offices with targeted practices and market niches. Includes 4-6 day out-of-state field trip component.

LA 4415*
Studio 3: Recreation and Open Space Design.
Lab 9. Prerequisite(s): 3325, 3884. Recreation and play, the interface of nature, human-kind and land ethic. Applied projects will address structured and nature play, active and passive parks, open space planning, and natural landscapes.

LA 4423*
Planning and Design for Sustainable Landscapes.
Lab 2. Prerequisite(s): 3324. Explore the origins of sustainability as a basis for understanding how to improve the planning and design of natural and cultural environments in the practice of landscape architecture.

LA 4425*
Studio 4: Ecological Planning and Community Design. 
 Lab 9. Prerequisite(s): 4415, 4894. Environmental assessment/analysis as related to ecological planning and community design. Applied project will focus on new urbanism and community design solutions while addressing environmental and sustainability issues.

LA 4433*
Land Use and Community Planning.
Prerequisite(s): 3325. The inventory and analysis of natural and man-made landscape resources and their application to land use and community planning within the framework of a municipality’s comprehensive plan and regulations.

LA 4453*
Principles of Landscape Analysis for Site Design.
Lab 4. Prerequisite(s): 2323, 3325. Analysis of landscapes for design and management decision-making using real-world projects integrating computer-aided design (CAD) and geographic information systems (GIS), aerial photography, and global positioning system (GPS) technologies.  Applications will be related to landscape architecture and site design.

LA 4515*
Studio 5: Urban Design.
Lab 9. Prerequisite(s): 4425, 4894. Contemporary urban issues affecting the design process, site master planning, and multi-disciplinary problem solving. Applied project will address influences on urban design, from regional influences to user behavior.

LA 4525*
Studio 6: Collaborative Design.
Lab 9. Prerequisite(s): 4515. Exploration of the dynamics of design teams, professional office environments, and community involvement. This capstone course will apply collaborative comprehensive solutions to community based projects while addressing environmental, social, and economic dynamics.

LA 4573*
Recreation Planning.
Lab 2. Prerequisite(s): Consent of instructor. Theory and methods for small and large scale area planning with emphasis on natural and cultural resources.

LA 4583*
Landscape Environmental Planning.
Prerequisite(s): 3325. Development of landscape architectural projects in the context of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and state and local government environmental regulations affecting planned projects encountered by the landscape architect.

LA 4894*
Landscape Architectural Construction III.
Lab 4. Prerequisite(s): 2323, 3324, 3884. A capstone course utilizing design techniques, computer skills, construction materials, methods and applications for the landscape industry. Detailed computerized construction drawings of pavement, fences, walls, wood structures, irrigation, and water features will be prepared. Comprehensive construction documents are required as a semester project utilizing computer drafting, design and calculation applications.

LA 4990*
Landscape Architecture Special Problems.
1-6 credits, max 12. Prerequisite(s): Consent of appropriate faculty member. Landscape architectural related problems.

LA 5110*
Advanced Special Problems.
1-12 credits, max 20. Prerequisite(s): Consent of appropriate faculty member. Specific landscape architectural problems

An asterisk (*) following the four-digit number indicates the course is approved for graduate credit.


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