harvesting pecansCimarron Valley Research Station, Perkins

The Station is located along the upper terrace of the Cimarron River, and consists primarily of the Teller loams and sandy loams. Horticulture research includes variety evaluations in wine grapes; management practices in pecan orchards; integrated pest management in peaches, bell pepper, sweet potato and lettuce variety trials, cover crop studies and ornamental plant evaluations. The station's proximity to the OSU Stillwater campus provides an excellent opportunity for 'hands on" experience for students, extension educators and programs. The Oklahoma Grape Management and Fundamental of Pecan Management course are also taught on the premises by Becky Carroll.


The Botanic Garden at Oklahoma StateTBG

Located just west of the OSU campus, The Botanic Garden is a premier site which is home to the award-winning Oklahoma Gardening television show. Turfgrass and ornamental horticulture are the main research emphasis, but the unique geographic location near the confluence of two watersheds, Stillwater Creek and Cow Creek, allows to serve as a host for various research projects dealing with environmental and water management issues.

The Botanic Garden also functions as a major teaching and extension resource for the department and Division of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. In addition to serving as an outdoor classroom, many workshops, educational events and community events occur throughout the year.


Oklahoma Vegetable Research Station  Bixby station

Located in Bixby, the primary horticulture commodities are pumpkins, basil, tomatoes, cow peas, squashes, and bell peppers.  Variety and herbicide trials are the main programs. Research and demonstration programs during workshops and other educational programs show principles and practices of rural and urban agriculture on the station.


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