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Charles Fontanier

fontanierCharles Fontanier, Assistant Professor of Turfgrass
Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
358 Agricultural Hall
Stillwater, OK 74078

Office Location: 355B Agricultural Hall
Phone: 405-744-6424
Fax: 405-744-9709

PhD:     Water Management and Hydrological Sciences, Texas A&M University (2015)
MS:       Agronomy, Texas A&M University (2010)
BS:       Agronomy/Horticulture, Texas A&M University (2007)

Teaching Activities:

HORT 3153 – Turf Management (Fall)
HORT 4453 – Turfgrass Physiology & Ecology (Spring - Even Years)
HORT 5133 – Temperature Stress Physiology (Spring - Odd Years) 
Faculty Advisor, Turf Club
Program Director, OSU Urban Horticulture Research and Experience for Undergraduates

Horticulture Research and Extension Experience for Undergraduates (REEU)

  • Student Engagement in Plant Sciences through a Summer Urban Horticulture Fellows Program

Research Activities:

Applied and basic research investigating the umbrella theme of turf sustainability.  Research interests include water conservation, irrigation science, drought stress response, nutrient transport, cultivar development, shade stress, interactions between multiple abiotic stresses, and sand-based rootzone management.

Selected Publications:

Fontanier, C., B. Wherley, J. Atikenhead-Peterson, R. White, J. Thomas. 2017. Deficit irrigation and fertility effects on NO3-N exports from St. Augustinegrass.  J. Environ. Quality. 46:793-801.

Fontanier, C., K. Steinke. 2017.  Competitiveness of three warm-season turfgrasses during spring transition of overseeded turfs.  Int. Turf Res. J. 13:1-9.

Fontanier, C., K. Steinke. 2017.  Performance of annual and perennial ryegrass mixtures for winter overseeding into three warm-season turfgrass species.  Int. Turfgrass Res. J. 13:1-7.

Fontanier, C., B. Wherley, R. White, J. Aitkenhead-Peterson, D. Chalmers. 2017. Historical ETo-based irrigation scheduling for St. Augustinegrass lawns in the South-Central United States.  Irr. Sci. 35:347-356.

Hejl, R., B. Wherley, R. White, J. Thomas, C. Fontanier. 2016. Deficit irrigation and simulated traffic on Tifway bermudagrass summer performance and autumn recovery. Crop Sci. 56:1-9.

Wherley, B., N. Stanley, J. Thomas, C. Fontanier, R. White, J. Aitkenhead-Peterson. 2015. Runoff of nitrogen and phosphorus during warm-season turfgrass sod establishment. J. Environ. Qual. 44: 1137-1147.

Wherley, B. G., R.H. White, K.J.  McInnes, C.H. Fontanier, J.C. Thomas, J.A. Aitkenhead-Peterson, and S.T. Kelly. 2014. Design and construction of an urban runoff research facility. JoVE. 90: e51540-e51540.

Steinke, K., D. Chalmers, R. White, C. Fontanier, J. Thomas, B. Wherley. 2013.  Lateral spread of three warm-season turfgrass species as affected by prior summer water stress at two root zone depths. HortScience. 48:790-795.

Fontanier, C. H., K. Steinke, J.C. Thomas, R.H. White. 2011. Effects of venting aeration on neglected bermudagrass putting greens. Online. Applied Turfgrass Sci. doi:10.1094/ATS-2011-1201-01-RS.

White, R., K. Steinke, C. Fontanier, J. Thomas.  2010.  Developing a device to quantify light penetration in turfgrass canopies.  Crop Sci. 50:1066–1069.