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Landscape Architecture

Why Landscape Architecture?

Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture is an environmental design discipline that applies artist and scientific principles to the design, planning, and management of both natural and built environments. Landscape Architects work on a wide variety of projects including garden design, residential design, community planning, urban design, parks and recreation, commercial /campus design, and sustainable site design. The design process involves creative expression that comes from understanding the context of site (or landscape), natural systems, cultural systems, and social dynamics. It requires one to interpret, imagine, draw, conceptualize, synthesize, and construct project ideas that transform both the landscapes and the users of those landscapes. As issues of sustainability become more critical, Landscape Architects are poised to address them, as they design the interface between humankind and the urban, suburban, and the natural environment. Video: Why Landscape Architecture?


Degree Program

The Landscape Architecture program at Oklahoma State  offers a five-year, nationally accredited professional degree, the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture. The degree is supported by faculty with a broad range of expertise and diverse areas of interest. The program also has strong ties with the profession and is supported by a professional advisory committee.

The department promotes interaction among students, faculty, and professionals by hosting visiting professionals to lecture, by sponsoring class critiques, and by organizing field trips to professional offices and builtworks. Additional opportunities available to students include summer internships and study abroad programs.

Landscape Architecture students are involved in design competitions, professional conferences, and other special projects.

Courses and Curriculum

The design-intensive, future-oriented curriculum focuses on design theory, complex problem solving, technical skills, digital technologies, and hands on learning.

The curriculum allows students to major in Landscape Architecture while selecting an emphasis area in design, environmental plan or horticulture.

Public Information Policy

Programs accredited by the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board (LAAB) are required to provide reliable information to the public. Programs must report on accreditation status and its performance. This information is to help potential students make informed application decisions.