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Horticulture Business

Why horticulture business?

Horticultural Business

A Horticultural Business degree can prepare a student either for immediate employment in a horticultural business enterprise, or for graduate study with an agribusiness emphasis.

Students learn basic horticultural skills, plant care techniques, and the role plants and landscape applications play in sustaining the environment. The option includes a built-in formal academic minor in the student's choice of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, General Business/Entrepreneurship. The minor is a valuable credential that can provide students with an advantage in the job market.


Horticulture students have the opportunity to travel abroad to experience global greenhouse horticultural production. Countries explored include Belgium, France, Germany and Holland.

Real-World Experience

Hands-on laboratories are included in many courses, and students in the department have the unique advantage of utilizing The Botanic Garden at OSU and the Water Conservation and Irrigation Training Center. Additionally, all student in the department are required to complete an internship prior to graduation.